Quick and easy iPhone repairs for you in Montreal

iPhone are a model of perfection and a perfect combination of design and technology. But, unfortunately, even perfect hardware can be damaged after prolonged use.


iPhone repair stages



Our service engineers inspect the device and perform a full diagnosis.


Price and terms

We agree with you on the timing and cost of the repair.


Repair process

We fix the problem and let you know when it's ready.


Pick-up device

You pick up the repaired device with a warranty for the work performed.

Common cases in repair of iPhone

Screen Repair iPhone Repair in Montreal, QC

Cracked or shattered screens are all too common, even from a short drop. We carry all of the high quality parts to get your screen repaired quickly.

Water DamageiPhone Repair in Montreal, QC

Dropped your device in water? Even the most water resistant devices can get water damage and corrosion can still occur. Bring it to our repair shop.

Battery Replacement iPhone Repair in Montreal, QC

Batteries age over time and lose their ability to hold a full charge. We can replace your battery and restore your device to full performance.

Speaker RepairiPhone Repair in Montreal, QC

Noticed your audio cutting in and out? You may have a speaker problem. Our techs are experts at speaker repair and can get your audio working like new.

List of iPhone repairs we do

List of repairs we do

  • iPhone Screen Repair

  • iPhone Camera Replacement in Montreal

  • iPhone Battery Replacement in Montreal

  • iPhone Charging Port Repairin Montreal

  • iPhone Diagnosticin Montreal

  • iPhone Ear Piece Replacementin Montreal

  • iPhone Home Button Replacementin Montreal

  • iPhone Speaker Replacementin Montreal

  • iPhone Water Damage Repairin Montreal

  • Any iPhone repairs & Much More!in Montreal

List ofiPhoneiPhoneiPhone iPhone models we work with

List of models we work with

  • iPhone 15 Pro Max repair in Montreal

  • iPhone 15 Pro repair in Montreal

  • iPhone 15 Plus repair in Montreal

  • iPhone 15repair in Montreal

  • iPhone 14 Pro  repair in Montreal

  • iPhone 14 Plus  repair in Montreal

  • iPhone 14   repair in Montreal

  • iPhone SE 3 repair in Montreal

  • iPhone 13 Pro Maxrepair in Montreal

  • iPhone 13 Pro repair in Montreal

  • iPhone 13 repair in Montreal

  • iPhone 13 Minirepair in Montreal

  • iPhone 12 Pro Maxrepair in Montreal

  • iPhone 12 Pro repair in Montreal

  • iPhone 12  repair in Montreal

  • iPhone 12 Mini repair in Montreal

  • iPhone SE 3 repair in Montreal

  • iPhone 11 Pro Maxrepair in Montreal

  • iPhone 11 Pro repair in Montreal

  • iPhone 11  repair in Montreal

  • iPhone XRrepair in Montreal

  • iPhone XS Maxrepair in Montreal

  • iPhone XS repair in Montreal

  • iPhone Xrepair in Montreal

  • iPhone 8 Plusrepair in Montreal

  • iPhone 8repair in Montreal

  • iPhone 7 Plusrepair in Montreal

  • iPhone 7repair in Montreal

  • iPhone SErepair in Montreal

  • iPhone 6S Plusrepair in Montreal

  • iPhone 6Srepair in Montreal

  • iPhone 6 Plusrepair in Montreal

  • iPhone 6 repair in Montreal

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Why people trust us to repair

Quality specialist

Our specialists have many years of experience and knowledge in the field of new technologies, always adhering to the manufacturer's standards and high repair standards.

Original parts

We use only tested and reliable spare parts in the iPhone repair process.


We are not afraid to take responsibility for what we do. That's why we provide a 90-day warranty.

Friendly to help

If you need advice on settings, software updates, any issues that may arise in the process of using the iPhone.

Seek - Answers

How much will my repair cost?

We want you to be confident that you’re getting the best price. Our technicians will diagnose the problem and give you an estimate of the cost before any work is done. We’ll match any local competitor’s published price for the same repair and beat it by $5.

How long do repairs take?

iPhone Repairs are typically done in under 60 minutes.

Can I bring the iPhone in for diagnostics or estimate only?

Of course! You can bring your iPhone in for diagnostics or an estimate without any worries. Our team is friendly and always ready to help.

How much do you charge for an estimate?

We offer FREE Estimates! At Revive, reach out to us for a no-obligation assessment of your needs and an estimate tailored to your budget.

What is included in the cost of repair?

The cost of repairs will vary depending on the specific problem, but it will typically include the cost of labor and spare parts. Our technicians will diagnose the problem and give you an estimate of the cost before any work is done.

How do I identify what model is my iPhone ?

There are a few simple ways to do this, such as checking the model number on the back of the phone or going to the Settings app to view device information. You can also login to your icloud and see a list of your devices.

What configuration should the iPhone be in when it is submitted for repair?

The configuration of the iPhone does not matter. We recommend removing protective accessories and removing the SIM card. Exceptions are requests related to a defect: for example, if your iPhone does not charge, you should submit not only the iPhone but also the charger for repair.

Is my iPhone as well as its data safe?

When your iPhone needs to be repaired, you need to be sure that your sensitive personal data will not be shared with the technician who is repairing it. You can read our privacy policy about this. Also, based on this need for security, our service center is designed with an innovative "open service area" concept that allows all customers to maintain visual contact with their device throughout the repair process. Your privacy is important to us.

Can another person deliver my iPhone for diagnostics and pick it up after the repair?

Yes, it can be done. To do this, an authorized person must have an appropriate certificate from us which can be issued after you contact our service center.

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